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Who do I speak to about Wholesale and Distribution?

Please contact our office at 856-692-1740.

Where can I buy Love Beets?

Enter your address / zip code into our Store Locator to find a store near you! We recommend calling the store ahead of time to ensure that they currently do have our products in stock.

Are Love Beets certified kosher?

Our Freshly Cooked Beets are OU Kosher certified year round.

Are Love Beets certified organic?

Yes, we have three products that are currently USDA Certified Organic — our Organic Mild Vinegar marinated beets, our Organic Freshly Cooked beets, and our Organic Beet Juice. Our goal is for all of our products to be certified organic in the near future!

Are Love Beets Non-GMO?

Our beets are not genetically modified and we have secured our Non-GMO Verification from the Non-GMO Project for our Organic Freshly Cooked beets and Freshly Cooked beets. We have found that there is sometimes a misconception between the Red Beets that we grow and Sugar Beets, which are grown on a massive scale for sugar refining and are genetically modified.

Are Love Beets gluten free?

Yes, all of our products are gluten-free. Check each individual product page for more nutritional information.

Can I order Love Beets online?

Love Beets’ Organic Juices and Beet Powders are available for purchase through our online shop. Our plain vacuum-packed beets are available for purchase through various online retailers and are shelf-stable. However, they are best kept refrigerated! Once open, keep refrigerated and enjoy within 3 days! Many of our products are also available through online grocery delivery services, such as Instacart, Fresh Direct, Peapod, and more!

How should I read the “Eat By” date on my Love Beets package?

All of our “Eat By” dates are in Month/Day/Year format.

Can I freeze Love Beets?

We strongly recommend you do not freeze our beets as they will lose their texture. Try our vacuum-sealed Freshly Cooked Beets, which stay fresh for longer.

How are Love Beets cooked and for how long?

All of our beets are steam cooked for approximately 40 minutes.

Once I have opened my pack of beets, how long will they stay fresh for?

We recommend that once opened, you should eat our Marinated Beets within 5-7 days and our Freshly Cooked Beets within 2-3 days.

Can I microwave your Vacuum-Packed Cooked Beets?

Yes, you can microwave them! Place the vacuum-pack on a non-metallic plate and pierce the top of the bag several times. Microwave for between three and three and a half minutes, then leave to stand for one minute before carefully opening with scissors to serve.

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