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Beet powder is just what it sounds like – beets ground up into the form of a powder. To make our beet powder, we take raw whole beets, let them dry, and then crush them up into a pillowy soft, nutrient-dense product packed with superfood power! Beet powder delivers the nutritional benefits and color of beets without any of the peeling, cooking, or juicing!

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SO what makes it so good for you

Hailed as the "miracle molecule," Nitric Oxide (NO) naturally optimizes circulation, making it extraordinarily important to the health of virtually every organ, system and cell in the body. The NO found in beets actually starts out as nitrates, but healthy bacteria on your tongue transforms the nitrates into nitrites!

nitrate benefits from beets

Yep, just like the stuff in hotdogs, but let us explain...

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Beets pack a major nitric oxide (NO) punch. Some say NO is as important as oxygen, so yeah it’s kind of a big deal

mouth health benefits from beets

Nitrates enter, chew chew chew and voila - you have some all powerful nitrites in your system. 1 little vowel, 1 major change

nitrite health benefits from beets

Meet the natural elixir we know and love as nitrite, proved to boost stamina and endurance by relaxing blood vessels and optimizing circulation

fun fact

The 1998 Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded for the discovery of the important role nitric oxide plays in the cardiovascular system.

1 TBSP = 3 Beets!

Did you know: Just a spoonful of our beet powder provides you with the nutritional benefits of 3 medium sized beets? Seriously, we did the math.


Want superfood super power? Consuming beet powder within 90 minutes of exercise can boost stamina and endurance pre-workout and can also help aid in muscle recovery post-workout. Perfect for mixing into performance shakes or a simple glass of water!

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When beets are in powder, you can eat beets anytime!

No blender? No problem! Beet powder delivers the nutritional benefits of beets without any of the peeling, cooking, or juicing – making it the perfect way to get an extra boost of nutrients in a pinch. Mix beet powder into your morning smoothie, yogurt, or oatmeal for added nutrients.

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We believe mindful indulgences are the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So instead of giving up dessert cold turkey, try adding beet powder to your favorite brownies, cupcakes, or cookies for a hidden superfood boost. You can even use beet powder as natural food coloring to make delicious all-natural red velvet recipes!

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