How We make Love Beets

From Farm to Fork

Hand Selected

Carefully select the farm and growers and work directly with them to ensure the highest quality of beets.


Plant and grow the beets.


Harvest the beets.


We wash and sort the beets into specific sizes, allowing us to use each size range for various products. We believe in whole crop utilization.


The beets are brought to our factory in Rochester, NY.


We then peel and cook the beets. We do the work so you don’t have to!


Package and send out so everyone can enjoy their favorite Love Beets products!

Love Beets Production

Job Opportunities

Warehouse Operator
The primary roles of a Warehouse operator are to operate and complete various sales orders, inventory tracking, and samples requests. Complete all tasks while strictly adhering to all required industry guidelines to include and not limit to; Plant safety, Food safety, SQF and all internal/external audits. Apply Now
Production operators are assigned to a variety of roles depending on production schedule need. The pack out area requires operators to utilize and maintain various packaging, labeling and product sleeves to complete assembly of finished goods into a retail-based shipping pallet. All process lines require beet and packaging inspection that adheres to the Love beets quality standards. Retort trolley loading, and transport requires pacing and counting skills. Must be able to interact in a team-based environment within a working production cell, while demonstrating the ability to work independently. Apply Now
Operations Director
The primary roles of an Operations Director are to lead all manufacturing, warehousing, engineering and supply chain teams and function while actively taking a leadership role on key initiatives in alignment with company objectives. Must develop and execute strategies to ensure all employees, product output, quality measures, pricing controls, inventory management, and vendor relationships align with company values and support the long-term success of the business. Apply Now
Supply Chain Coordinator
The Purchasing and Inventory Coordinator is responsible for sourcing and acquisition of direct raw material, including ingredients and packaging. These products and services are to be secured at cost quality and delivery competitive levels consistent with company policy and performance standards. The position is responsible for the timely planning and scheduling of receipt and inventory control of products and services as assigned, or as appropriately concluded with the Supply Chain Manager. You will conduct market research, and follow market trends that will affect pricing, delivery and quality. The individual is expected to have detailed knowledge in food manufacturing practices and procedures. Apply Now

LB Production Employs over 125 people!

Meet the Production Leadership Team

Patrick Baldo

Production Supervisor

Kim Bruinsma

Quality Supervisor

There are more animals than people living in my house! I love bow making and other crafts!

Mark Brunson

Techical/Maintenance Manager

I like to customize vehicles. Years ago I disassembled my truck completely, then rebuilt it from the frame up, turning it into a show truck that has won many 1st place awards.

Tiffany Burton

Office Manager

I’m a certified Holistic Health Coach

Tim Caley

Director of Operations

A keen downhill skier with a fastest check point of 74 mph.

Adam Camson

Supply Chain Manager

I can do the wave with my eyebrows.

Samantha Clark

HR Officer

I’ve recently become an ordained minister. I officiated my first wedding in December and would love to do more!

Mark Counts

Production Supervisor

Big sports fan/NFL,MLB, EPL.

Daniel Cross

CEO Managing Director

Collects classic cars, cigar connoisseur, former spy.

Kate Doyle

Transportation Logistics Manager

Love Beets Production official “lunch mom”.

Dan Franklin

Quality Coordinator

Play guitar in a local band, have extensive comic collection, as well as CD’s and albums

Patrick Hayes

Director of Production

Avid lifelong New York Yankee fan.

John Henderson

Product Director

I have lived  and worked in the following countries, before coming to Love Beets…Scotland, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA (also been to 43 of the 50 states), Spain)).

John Jackson

Warehouse Supervisor

I am 1 of 16 children in my family.

Jen McClure

New Production Technologist

I will try any type of food at least one time.

Scott Pappert

Production Supervisor

Live in NY but a LA Ram fan all my life.

Gary Post

Production Supervisor/

I did bull riding in Montana.

Meriam Post

Accounts Specialist

I saw snow for the first time in 2015 when I moved to America from the Phillippines.

Haley Reynolds

Staff Accountant

I was on one of the last flights to fly into the old Hong Kong airport, Kai Tak, in July 1998 on a flight home to Xiamen, China where I lived for three years.

Matt Selden

Finance Manager

When I have free time from work and family, I enjoy brewing my own craft beer and then drinking it!

Stephen Stoklosa

Supply Chain Coordinator

I have no sense of taste or smell.

Simon Woods

Technical Manager

I once did 3 triathlons in one day for fun and have been in the Guinness Book of Records twice.