Lauren Del Rosario

Eastern Regional Sales Manager

As the Eastern Regional Sales Manager, I am tasked with developing sales opportunity within all distribution channels, while also continuing to foster and strengthen relationships in our existing Love Beets customer base within the Eastern half US and Canada. I draw from my 12 years of experience in both the commodity and foodservice segments of the industry to bring value and solutions to our customers, while also staying on trend with the ever-changing dynamics of the produce business.

I was classically trained as a Chef and worked in a professional, fine-dining restaurant before my produce vendor plucked me out of that side of the biz. I trained in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and find the science of body mechanics fascinating. I'm a diehard Los Angeles Lakers AND Philadelphia Eagles fan.

What's your favorite Love Beets product and why?

Our Organic Beet's smooth on the palate and imparts a wonderful color to any mocktail/cocktail, making you look like a fancy mixologist without even trying.

How do you eat your beets?

As part of a charcuterie/cheese board. It presents well and acts as a palate cleanser against the richness of the cheese and cured meats, especially our Mild Vinegar marinated baby beets.

What quote keeps you upBEET?

"Pain is certain, suffering is optional." -Buddha

What inspires you?

Acting in generosity, not of just things, but giving of one's time, knowledge, and presence has exponential rewards that perpetuates a cycle of inspiration.

What's your favorite healthy habit?

A full night's restful sleep. I dodged my naps as a kid, so I'm playing catch up.

Your favorite Love Beets moment?

The PMA (produce trade show) in 2014 when I first discovered the brand walking the show. The look and their message just spoke to me as a consumer.

What's your guilty pleasure?

Belting out Celine Dion classics without shame.

Before you tried Love Beets, you thought beets were...

Reserved for special occasion, since preparing them was such an investment of time.